AudienceScapes Africa Research Reports

Based on the national surveys conducted in Ghana, Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania, AudienceScapes looks at  the general population’s access to and use of media, access to and use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), and word-of-mouth communication habits; and how these factors affect people's acquisition of knowledge about key development topics. In addition, in Ghana and Kenya, AudienceScapes looks at how policy makers and influencers gather, assess, share and disseminate critical information related to development topics.

AudienceScapes Research Briefs

AudienceScapes Research Briefs are efficient short-form documents highlighting some of the important findings from our survey and policy research. Each brief seeks to answer some of the development community's more probing questions within the realm of media, communications and development. You can download each research brief in pdf form.

Development Themes In Focus-  Health, Mobile Communications and  Gender Issues

We listened to users of AudienceScapes who want to find our thematic content more easily. Introducing new Mobile, Health and Gender sections on the site to complement the site's nationally-focused Country Profiles. Under our new themes- Health, Mobile Communications and Gender, you will find all our content classified by subject and easy to navigate.

New thematic areas coming soon!