Haiti Mobile Money Tracker

Haiti Mobile Money Tracker

In 2011, InterMedia launched its Haiti Mobile Money Tracker (HMMT) Project with the mission of providing robust research and analysis into the emerging mobile money (m-money) services market. There is only a limited amount of consumer information publicly available to development practitioners to understand how Haitians are using these relatively new services as well as their access to financial services in general . The HMMT Project, through the assistance of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, fills this knowledge gap through survey-based research used to evaluate the development of m-money in Haiti.

Mobile Money in Haiti: A Baseline Analysis

This report presents the findings of a baseline survey of 1,008 Haitian adults (age 18+) conducted in March 2011 soon after new m-money services began to be widely marketed in the country. The purpose of the survey was to provide a frame of reference for measuring the progress and impact of m-money services in general in Haiti, while also providing critical data to stakeholders in the financial access and economic development space. The survey examines respondents’ basic access to and use of financial services, mobile communications and mobile money services (m-money).


Online Data Analysis Tool

A key output of the HMMT Project is an online data analysis tool. This web-based tool allows development practitioners and local stakeholders to analyze the survey data by viewing frequencies, performing crosstabs and, in the future, comparing results between survey waves. There is also basic graphic capability, and displayed results can be downloaded in Excel format. This tool is user friendly and does not require experience with statistical software. Access the tool here