All listenership, readership, viewership rates for specific media outlets in these articles represents the habits of regular media users and not the overall population.

The survey referenced in these articles was designed to capture information based on the population distribution of recent media consumers: “what are the demographics of those who have watched TV, listened to the radio, read a newspaper in the past week” as opposed to what percentage of the adult population has watched TV or listened to the radio.


World Bank Country Profile and Projects_Mozambique

World Bank Knowledge Economy Index

WHO Health Statistics- Mozambique

UNESCO Edcuation Statistics

UNDP Human Development Indicators- Mozambique

Amnesty International- Mozambique

Global Voices- Mozambique Mozambique Statistics

Freedom House Map of Press Freedom 2009

World Bank Governance Matters Indicators

Mozambique Communication Profile

The Role of Provincial Radio Stations in Providing Locally Relevant Information

Provincial differences in culture, language and development challenges mean that populations are looking for varied information that is suited to their local needs. Radio looks to be the best way to provide that information. More here.

Regional Focus

Central Provinces: Flooding, Drought and Cholera

Northern Provinces: Low Economic Development and Influx of Refugees

Southern Provinces: HIV/AIDS Hotbed


MOre research articles

The Who and What of Mozambique's Mobile Market and Why it Matters
Even though mobile phones are not as prevalent in Mozambique as in other African countries, the number of mobile phone users continues to grow, and users are becoming more receptive to mobile phone-based development communication campaigns. Read who these people are and what they are doing.

Key Recommendations for Developing a Communication Strategy to Combat HIV/AIDS in Mozambique HIV/AIDS represents a national emergency for the Mozambicans because of its potential to destroy human life and potential to cripple economic and social development. Here AudienceScapes makes some recommendations on how to reach this vulnerable group.
HIV/AIDS Target Groups:
For Women In Mozambique- Radio Coupled with Interpersonal Communication Might Be the Way To Go
For Youth and Young Adults, Radio And Some New Media Can Be Used For HIV/AIDS Communication

Understanding Mozambique's Radio Market- The strong national reach of the state run radio has thwarted the growth of commercial and community radio stations who find it difficult to sustain themselves or reach a wider audience. However, these non-state radio stations could prosper by targeting a niche audience and providing them relevant local information within their community.

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