Africa Data Center

AudienceScapes Online Data Analysis

The AudienceScapes Africa Data Center allows users to select questions from an AudienceScapes survey in Africa, view frequencies, perform crosstabs and compare results between surveys. There is also basic graphic capability, and displayed results can be downloaded in Excel format. This tool is user friendly and does not require experience with statistical software. The Data Center has two settings, Basic and Advanced, each offering a different set of capabilities. Access the AudienceScapes Africa Data Center here.

Basic Mode

Advanced Mode

  • BASIC MODE has a limited, predetermined set of survey questions available for each dataset to analyze. These are essentially "highlights" that many users typically seek out from the datasets.
  • BASIC MODE also has a limited selection of crossing variables available (Gender, Rural/Urban, Age and Income).
  • ADVANCED MODE allows users to analyze any question in the survey datasets that have been loaded onto the Data Center.
  • ADVANCED MODE also allows users to choose any variable in a dataset as a crossing variable.


Outline of Available Data

  • General Media and Communication Habits
  • Mobile Phone Access and Use
  • Internet Access and Use
  • Radio Access and Use
  • Television Access and Use
  • Print Media and Use
  • Access and Use of Financial Services and Information about Personal Finance
  • Access and Use of Money Transfer and Mobile Money Services
  • Access and Use of Health Services and Information about Health Issues
  • Access and Use of Farm Services and Information about Agricultural Issues
  • MDG, Opinion and Trust Questions
  • Demographics