About AudienceScapes FAQ

What is the Goal of the AudienceScapes Project?

Successful communication is central to successful development. That's why InterMedia conceived AudienceScapes-an online tool and research program providing essential media use and communication information on developing countries from a bottom-up perspective, based on in-depth analysis by the AudienceScapes research team.

With initial support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, we are making InterMedia's knowledge and experience in the field readily available to those who conceive, design, implement and evaluate development programs as well as to other stakeholders in the development process. We are also offering custom added-value analysis and reports to commercial companies in media, telecommunications and other fields in order to create a revenue stream to help support the project's development goals.

Many development practitioners, particularly those working for locally-based agencies and NGOs, have limited access to empirical research that could help them better target and deliver communication, information and education efforts in a range of activities. These could be anything from HIV-AIDS prevention campaigns to gender equality programs to dissemination of better agricultural techniques, to supporting media development. We aim to fill this knowledge gap.

In addition, the AudienceScapes project hopes to facilitate healthier two-way communication in the development process by making the practitioners more aware of the information assets and needs of citizens and policymakers in developing countries.

The Elements of the AudienceScapes project:

  • A two-pronged country research program- national surveys plus in-depth interviews with senior government officials - aimed at helping development practitioners communicate effectively and efficiently at the grassroots level and the policy level.

  • Analytical reports that distill the research into actionable recommendations and strategies for development practitioners and their partners working in the field, as well for development and advocacy groups focused on supporting good development policies.

  • Research-based evidence for assessing local needs in media, communication technologies, development information and development policy.

  • This unique website providing user-friendly access to AudienceScapes data, research reports, analysis, a practitioners' field blog, discussion pages, and more.