AudienceScapes Fellows Program

The AudienceScapes Fellows contribute online reports from a number of countries about notable information, communication and media trends.

Chief K. Masimba Biriwasha
The author is a journalist from Zimbabwe with an extensive background in development and communication policy. He blogs at

Recent Articles by Masimba
Mobile Money Arrives in Zimbabwe
Mobile Grows Big in Zimbabwe
Bandwith Price Projected to Drop in Zimbabwe
Social Media in Zimbabwe: Not Enough for Democracy
Newspaper Sector Grows, Political Spectrum Still Narrow


Tawanda Karombo
Tawanda Karombo is a freelance journalist living in Zimbabwe. He has had experience with Financial, Business and Communication Reporting. He has previously written for The Financial Gazette (Business and Financial Weekly in Zimbabwe), MoneyWeb (South African Investment and Financial web publication) and The Zimbabwe Gazette (Online news publication about Zimbabwe) among others.

Recent Articles by Tawanda
Company Launches Free SMS Service in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe Telecom Companies Unwilling to Share Infrastructure

Zimbabwe Media Update: Print Gets More Players, but Airwaves Still Shut

Young Journalists Denounce Corruption in Zimbabwe
Civil Society Groups Condemn Zimbabwe’s Stranglehold on Broadcasting

Zimbabwe Media Professionals Lament Sliding Standards
Mugabe Told to Reform Media Before Holding Elections
Newly Licensed, Zimbabwe's Newspapers Struggle to Operate
Another Link in Zimbabwe’s Communication Backbone
Zimbabwe Invests in Fiber Optic Project
Will Voice Chat Benefit Zimbabwe?

Competing for Zimbabwe's Broadband Market
Opening of Airwaves Stalled in Zimbabwe
Community Radio Standing By in Zimbabwe
Zimbabwe’s Parliament Goes Digital
What Will Per-Second Billing Mean for Zimbabwe?
Broadband Comes to Zimbabwe’s Smaller Cities
Big Boost for Zimbabwe’s Mobile Network
Texting Students About HIV Prevention
Zimbabwe Licenses Four More Publications; Media Groups Urge Broadcast Openings
Zimbabwe: Mugabe Tries to Retain Grip On Media
SIM Card Registration Continues Apace in Africa
Zimbabwe: Audio News Service Bridges the Information Gap
Zimbabwe: Government to Sell Telecoms Company NetOne
Zimbabwe: New Dailies Launch, Usher in New Era for Print Media
Zimbabwe ICT Bill Raises Hopes, Despite Governmental Risks
Is Zimbabwe's Media Sector Poised for a Renaissance? We'll Know In July

 Sushmita Malviya is a researcher and writer based in India
Recent Articles
India's Media at a Crossroads
India Community Radio: Special Report
Text Messages to Boost Immunization

Dinfin Mulupi is a business journalist based in Nairobi, Kenya. She is currently the East Africa corresp for an online business paper based in Cape Town in South Africa.
Recent Articles by Dinfin
Kenya's Female Entrepreneurs Make Their Digital Mark
Beyond Nairobi: A Magazine for the Rest of Kenya
Kenya: Taking Mobile Money a Step Further
Learning By Computer in Rural Kenya
Amid Kenya's Food Crisis, Radio Educates Farmers

Kenya: Citizen Watchdogs Go Online
Challenging Kenya’s Powerful through Satire
Kibera Citizens Turn Reporters

Putting Kibera on the Map

Using SMS To Fight Disease in Africa
Radio for Peace Ahead of Sudan’s Referendum
From Pilot to Franchise: Esoko Arms Farmers with Information
Kenya’s Popular TV Drama Engages Viewers
New Mobile Platform Helps Refugees United Reach Thousands
M-Pesa Helps Farmers Get Insurance Claims
Computing Centers Sprout in Rural Kenya
A Voice for Peace in a Tense Sudan

Ushahidi: Born in Kenya, Traveling the World
Talking Trash in Kenya
Bridging Kenya’s Digital Gender Divide
New Tools for Family Planning
Kenyan Government Slashes Mobile Fees

Kenya's Courts in High Def
New Era for Kenya’s State Broadcaster?
Kenya: Computer Skills As Life Skills
Kibera Youth Behind the Camera
Kenya’s Referendum Shaped By Technology
SIM Card Registration Continues Apace in Africa
Kenya's Royal Media Services Group Rides Vernacular Radio Growth

E-Learning : Rx for Kenya’s Nurses
Kenya: Shop Owner Benefits from New Mobile Savings Product M-Kesho

Paromita Pain has been employed with The Hindu Newspaper, Chennai, India since January 2003. She writes for young people on a range of themes, with a special interest in media for young people, health issues, human rights and youth in situations of conflict. She can be reached at
Recent Articles by Paromita


Health eVillages brings the doctor’s office to medically scarce areas through mobile device
SMS Based Medic Mobile Helps Bridge Healthcare Communication Gap
A Mobile Platform for HIV/AIDS Education
Heroes in Juarez: Citizens Challenge a City's Reputation
Citizen Video Producers Changing Indian Media

Radio Show on HIV and Discrimination Brings Hope for Nepali Women
Youth Ki Awaaz: A Mouthpiece for India’s Youth
Radio Promotes Dialogue and Accountability
The Muppets Take Bangladesh

Mobile Chat Service for HIV/AIDS
Una Voz For Low Wage Workers
Boosting India’s Community Health Workers
A Campaign to Educate All of India’s Children
Indian Soap Opera Takes On HIV/AIDS
Radio That Resonates in Senegal
Malaysia’s Youth Unite to Save the Planet
A Free Press for Iraqi Students
Citizen Journalism Only A Phone Call Away
Community Radio Informs and Inspires in India
Newspaper For Women, By Women in India
Blogging To Heal the Wounds of Conflict
Young Indian Women Ride WAVE to Free Expression

 India's Newspapers Provide Outlets for Young Voices

Sonya Rehman, a Pakistani journalist, has been writing for over six years. A Fulbright Scholar, Sonya returned to her birth city, Lahore, in 2010, after completing an MS in Journalism at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. She currently works as a freelance journalist for local and international publications.

Recent Articles
by Sonya
Citizen Journalism Grows in Pakistan
Pakistan: Diagnosis from a Distance

'Gawaahi'- A Portal for Pakistani Stories

Media Faces Perils and Possibilities in Pakistan
Web Television Launches in Pakistan

Pakistan: Facebook and the Monsoon Flood
Pakistan: Citizen Journalism Takes Hold
Sesame Street Comes to Pakistan

Jeremiah Sam & Kwami Ahiabenu II
both work at

Recent Articles
Beyond the Bank : The Rise of Mobile Money in Ghana

Texts a New Tool in Guinea’s Historic Election
Nurturing Media in West Africa
Ghana – Modest Growth in Community Radio May Accelerate Soon
Youth Media Culture Takes Shape in Ghana
Ghana’s Competitive Mobile Market Spurs Multiple Apps

Bai-Bai Sesay is an independent journalist from Sierra Leone, who has written for the Independent Observer Press, the Legacy Magazine, Panos and Africa News Online.

Recent Articles by Bai Bai
Connecting Rural Sierra Leone
Crackdown on Unregistered SIM Cards
A Green Light for Fiber Optic

Sierra Leone: Giving Telecom Consumers a Voice

Upgrading Sierra Leone’s ICT: Competition and Fiber Optics
SIM Card Registration Continues Apace in Africa
Will Sierra Leone's SLBC Fulfill Its Public Mission?

Optimism for Sierra Leone Mobile Market Blooms but Difficulties Remain
Sierra Leone: Community Radio Is Widespread, But For How Long?

Joseph Were is the associate editor of The Independent weekly in Uganda.


Recent Articles by Joseph
SMS Project in Uganda Shows Malaria Knowledge Exists, Action Lacking
Uganda: Mobile Applications for Development Poised for Growth
Ugandan Blogosphere Spans Globe – But How Many Ugandans Are Reading?
New Media’s Power Emerges in Uganda, but Mainly Among Affluent Urbanites
Uganda’s Community Radio Stations Walk Political Tightrope


Newton Sibanda
has been a journalist for 17 years. Currently, he is working for the Zambia Daily Mail as Weekend Mail Editor and environmental columnist. Sibanda's areas of interest include ICTs, the environment, energy, health, human rights, and water and sanitation. Sibanda also writes for IPS, Panos Features, Ooskanews and the NORAD development newspaper Bistandsakuelt.

Recent Articles by Newton
ICTs Help Africans Cope with Climate Change

SMS Delays Delay in HIV Testing
Zambia Uses Zain SMS to Fight Measles
To Market, To Market By Mobile Phone

César Caballero
Recent Articles
As Mobile Phones Take Over, Colombians Discover “Real Time” While Regulators Face Challenges



Intermedia Staff Contributions

Peter Goldstein, Project Director, AudiencsScapes Project

Recent Blogs
Mobile Apps and Development: Getting from Pilot to Scale
Do Aid Donors Have A Role in Mobile Money?
Zambia: Mobile Vouchers for Development
UN Radio: Is There Life After Peacekeeping?

Hannah Bowen, Research Analystand Project Manager
Recent Blogs
Is There a Media Divide Between Mideast Tremors and Sub-Saharan Africa?
Elections, Mobile Phones and the Traditional Media
Development Organizations and Journalists: Tips for Getting Along
The Role of Gender in Media Consumption and Access to Health Services
Media's Role in Civic Education
“Open Government”: Open to Whom?
Information for Development Policy: Famine or Flood?

David Montez, Research Analyst
Recent Blogs:

Audiencescapes Provides Early Glimpse Of Haiti's Mobile Money Era
M-Money in Tanzania: Is it reaching the Poor?
Why Communication is Important: Achieving the MDGs
The Role of Media in Humanitarian Crises: Potential Lessons from Haiti
“Shifting Sands” or Just Thick Mud?: Satellite TV in the Middle East
Just How Digital Are We? - The Case of Africa

Gayatri Murthy, Research Assistant, AudienceScapes Project
Recent Blogs:

Whither Democracy/Wither Democracy: The Rise of Internet Censorship in India

Which Came First: the ICT or Collective Action?

New Wireless Pill Phone Study in US has implications for M-Health Globally
Beyond a Free Media: Defining Media Challenges in Pakistan
Analyzing the Pakistan Ban On BBC Radio Services
India's IT Sector- Caught Between Social Innovation And Government Surveillance

Alexandra Walker, Editor, AudienceScapes Project
Recent Blogs:
African Voices on Why ICT4Ds Fail

Mobile Apps: Lessons from Failures and Success Stories

Myriam Benlamlih, Project Manager
Recent Blogs:
Ice Cream and ICTs in Istanbul

Giovanna Monteverde, Project Manager
Recent Blogs:
In Colombia, Street Vendors Hawk Candy, Cigarettes...and Mobile Minutes
Chatting with Tcho Tcho: A Visit to Haiti

Nathaniel Kretchun
, Project Manager
Recent Blogs:
A Tale of Two Koreas

Lyuda Andriyevska, Project Manager
Recent Blogs:
Is Ukrainian Television Returning to Its Past?

Diana Turecek,
MENA Regional Research Manager

Recent Blogs
The Tunisian "Domino Effect" and the Role of Media

Morocco: Crackdown on Popular Newspaper Al Massae

Andrea Marmolejo, Board Member, InterMedia UK

What Happens If? Serious Games & Their Evaluation